Marriage Matters…

I recently completed Winston T. Smith’s Marriage Matters: Extraordinary Change Through Ordinary Moments.

So how do ordinary moments become extraordinary?  The author suggests, “In marriage, the biggest obstacle to change is our attitude toward it… The path to change in your marriage is built on this truth:  God is involved in every moment of your marriage” (6-7).

  1. Marriages change when we recognize God’s agenda for so-called ordinary moments.  A lack of love should prompt us to not just look more closely at our marriage but at our relationship with God (8).
  2. Marriages change when we’re willing to love in practical, Christlike ways, especially in the difficult moments.  You need faith that Jesus will help you every step of the way, but you also need to take concrete action (9).
  3. Marriages change when we’re willing to love consistently, over time, not because our spouses change but because we’re in a growing relationship with God.  At some point in marriage, you have to realize that you can’t make your spouse change.  If your happiness hinges on your ability to control your spouse, you doom yourself to the frustration and hopelessness of trying to do the impossible (11).

Though I enjoyed this very practical guide to relationships, there are far better marriage resources out there (i.e. Meaning of Marriage and Love & Respect).  Check the book out and let me know what you think.

Marriage Matters…

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