Go Set A Watchman…

Allow me to begin by saying that Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird is one of the best (if not the best) books I ever read in high school.   Every reader needs to remember that Go Set A Watchman is not a true sequel in that Lee (nor her publishers) ever original intended for the book to be released as is.  Though the events (some which do not quite line up correctly) take place after Mockingbird, Watchman was actually written well before it.  Because of that, this particular work lacks the character development, the humor, and even tragedy found in the award-winning novel.  Much of the dialogue can seem to drag on, appear a bit preachy at times, and quite frankly is not as well thought-out.

Watchman, if asked to stand alone, is every bit of a disappointment.  But if taken as a glimpse into the author’s growth (not only as a writer but even as a thinker), this book is quite enjoyable and enlightening at times.

For the record, my favorite quote from the book can be found on Instagram.  Check the book out and let me know what you think.

Go Set A Watchman…

Deal Breaker…

I had the opportunity during summer vacation to continue Harlan Coben’s writings by beginning the Myron Bolitar series with Deal Breaker.
Coben takes what should be a far-fetched fictional concept and takes the reader on a hilarious, suspenseful, and shocking journey.  Bolitar is my favorite character to date.  He is an unlikely hero in an even more unlikely scenario.
A rookie quarterback negotiating his first contract.  A phone call from a deceased girlfriend.  A greedy owner.  A university president with a closet full of secrets.  What could possibly go wrong?
Here is how I rank his books thus far…
  1. Deal Breaker (Bolitar #1):  The Titans and Telephone Ads
  2. Play Dead:  The Celtics and Fake Death Certificates
  3. Miracle Cure:  The Knicks and HIV
I plan to read Drop Shot over Thanksgiving break.  Anyone read it already?  If so, what did you think?
Deal Breaker…

Miracle Cure…

While on vacation, I had the opportunity to continue my way through Harlan Coben’s writings – this time with Miracle Cure.  

Like his first book this was a re-release after he became a bestseller.  The author even opens with a disclaimer which admits that his earliest writings were a bit unrefined.  I would agree.  Miracle Cure came across a tad dated, raw, and even crass at times.

That being said, there is something promising in Coben’s works.  I really appreciate how he weaves mystery, medicine, and sports.  I am confident that his skills only sharpen as he progresses.  I am especially excited to be introduced to his most reoccurring character (Myron Bolitar) in Deal Breaker.

Miracle Cure…

Play Dead…

After catching up on Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, and Lee Child (I have read a lot of fiction over the years while on vacation), I needed a new thriller/mystery author to enjoy.  My friends at the Bookworm highly recommended that I try Harlan Coben.  They promised me something a little different.  First, much of Coben’s stories revolve around sports figures.  Second, they assured me that his twists and turns were far harder to predict.

They were right.

I decided to work through the author’s works in order (even though he warns that his first two were a bit more raw – that he was still honing his craft).  If that be the case, I cannot wait to see watch his growth.  Play Dead got me.   So far-fetched but so fun.  I could not put it down – and just when I thought I figured out the villain – everything changed.

I am so glad that I still have a few days left at the beach… on to Miracle Cure!

Play Dead…



While on vacation, I was able to check out the nineteenth book in Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series.  So, after a two year journey, I am finally caught up on the author’s writings.  This particular work, though not my favorite, was one of his most creative concepts.  There are quite a few travels, returning foes, and jaw-dropping surprises.  
That being said, here is where I rank each book thus far…
  1. Tripwire (#3):  Vietnam and Wall-Street 
  2. Killing Floor (#1):  Currency and Counterfeiting 
  3. Gone Tomorrow (#13):  Subways and Afghanistan
  4. The Affair (#16):  Midnight Trains and Kosovo
  5. The Enemy (#8): Cold War and Cover-Ups
  6. Without Fail (#6):  Secret Service and National Politics
  7. Persuader (#7):  Drug Smuggling and Kidnapping 
  8. Echo Burning (#5):  Immigration and Domestic Violence 
  9. Personal (#19):  Arms Dealers & Old Foes 
  10. Worth Dying For (#15):  Farming and Human Trafficking 
  11. 61 Hours (#14):  Prison Towns and Drug Smuggling
  12. One Shot (#9): Assassinations and Soviet Prisons
  13. Never Go Back (#18):  Opium and Military Police 
  14. A Wanted Man (#17):  Hitchhiking and the Patriot Act
  15. Running Blind (#4):  Sexual Harassment and Serial Killers 
  16. Die Trying (#2):  Extremists and Militias  
  17. The Hard Way (#10):  Mercenaries and Missing People
  18. Bad Luck and Trouble (#11):  Special Units and Terrorism 
  19. Nothing To Lose (#12):  Veterans and Christians
I have already pre-ordered Child’s newest release  (comes out in less than a month).  Has anyone heard much about it?