Play Dead…

After catching up on Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, and Lee Child (I have read a lot of fiction over the years while on vacation), I needed a new thriller/mystery author to enjoy.  My friends at the Bookworm highly recommended that I try Harlan Coben.  They promised me something a little different.  First, much of Coben’s stories revolve around sports figures.  Second, they assured me that his twists and turns were far harder to predict.

They were right.

I decided to work through the author’s works in order (even though he warns that his first two were a bit more raw – that he was still honing his craft).  If that be the case, I cannot wait to see watch his growth.  Play Dead got me.   So far-fetched but so fun.  I could not put it down – and just when I thought I figured out the villain – everything changed.

I am so glad that I still have a few days left at the beach… on to Miracle Cure!

Play Dead…

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