Leading from the Lion’s Den…

I recently read through Tom R. Harper’s Leading from the Lion’s Den with a small group of young adults.

To be fair, maybe I waited so long to read this particular book that my expectations were far too high.  Needless to  say, I was sorely disappointed.  Don’t get me wrong, many of the principles contained in this book are terrific – both practical and powerful.

But I just cannot get past the basic premise the book – that the Bible is a mere leadership manual.  The Scriptures are God’s Story – his revelation to humanity (and an invitation to play our part in trusting obedience).  I have such a passion to read the Bible with that lens – anything less, in my mind, dumbs the Timeless Text down.

Harper’s counsel is helpful (some of my favorite quotes can be found on Instagram).  But the theme is flawed.  He reads into the Bible rather than allowing the text to speak for itself – and that is dangerous territory.  The author could have (and should have) simply recorded his “66 favorite leadership principles” (but I suspect that this branding would not have gotten past the publisher’s chopping block).

Simply stated, read this book for the basic teachings rather than the “Biblical foundations” and you will do just fine.

Leading from the Lion’s Den…

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