Being Wrong…

I would recommend Kathryn Schulz’s Being Wrong:  Adventures in the Margin of Error.  My favorite quote can be found on Instagram.  

The official book description suggests, “To err is human. Yet most of us go through life tacitly assuming (and sometimes noisily insisting) that we are right about nearly everything, from the origins of the universe to how to load the dishwasher. If being wrong is so natural, why are we all so bad at imagining that our beliefs could be mistaken – and why do we typically react to our errors with surprise, denial, defensiveness and shame?”  

Like any good book, this work raises more questions than it answers.  For example, who is the ultimate authority in what is right or wrong?  Why is it that everyone is wrong at some point and in some way?  Is there a right and wrong in all situations?  Why is it okay to be wrong in some circumstances and not others?  Who decides when and how and why?  

I am grateful as a Christ follower that I can lean on the inerrant and infallible Word of God.  I am confident “All things have been committed to [Jesus] by [his] Father. No one knows who the Son is except the Father, and no one knows who the Father is except the Son and those to whom the Son chooses to reveal him” (Luke 10:22, NLT).  Though Schultz would probably discount these statements as arrogant absolutes, I see these theological convictions as revelation (God can be known) and invitation (God wants to know us and be known by us).  

That being said, the church must lead the way in “being wrong.”  Not in our thinking – but in our practice.  We must confess our sins before God, before other believers, and even before the world.  Too often we revel in hypocrisy – attempting to fool everyone but the One that matters – the One who knows heart.  It is time to model repentance (if we don’t turn from our sin and towards our Savior – then who will?).  It is time to say that we are sorry for caring more about being right than making things right.  It is time to admit that our behaviors have not always aligned with our beliefs – and we have not always done the greatest job of reflecting the truth and love of Jesus to those who do not yet know him.  

Our righteousness (right-standing before God) is in Christ and Christ alone.  Therefore, “being right” is a gift available to everyone…
Being Wrong…

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