Dying Out Loud…


I recently had the privilege and opportunity to meet Stan’s wife while on a trip to Turkey and Egypt.  I will never think of God’s mission (and the church’s work) amongst unreached people groups the same again (specifically our ordained responsibility to share the good news with Muslims).  Watch this clip to see a glimpse of their story.

With the Paris tragedy fresh in our minds, the challenge for every Christ follower will be to respond in faith rather than in fear (especially as it relates to the Syrian Refugee Crisis).  Take time to ponder the words of writers such as Ed Stetzer and Jesse Carey.  Make time to pray fervently and properly.

Going back to Shawn Smucker’s Dying Out Loud – a book like this is so timely for so many reasons.  For one, this work humanizes those who live, breath, and believe so differently than you and me.  Second, you will hear the story of someone who loved his friends and enemies (welcoming strangers into his home) so very much he was willing to suffer and die on their behalf.

Some of my favorite quotes have been collected on Instagram.

Check this book out and let me know what you think.  Join me in praying for the 1.57 billion Muslims in our world.

Dying Out Loud…

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