Preaching From the Heart…

I recently read (and would highly recommend Timothy Keller’s Preaching: Communicating Faith in an Age of Skepticism.  This book is yet another reason that Keller one of my favorite all-time authors.

My favorite chapter dealt with preaching from the heart…

  • You preach powerfully.  You will have poise and confidence, striking a note of authority without swagger, without any indication that you enjoy authority for its own sake.
  • You preach wondrously.  There will be unmistakable awe and wonder at the greatness of the One you point people to.
  • You preach affectionately.  You exhibit an unself-conscious transparency devoid of artifice.
  • You preach authentically.  One paradox of preaching from the heart is that it bypasses all of the counterfeit mannerisms and emotional affections that preachers have learned to adopt and that listeners have come to expect.
  • You preach Christ-adoringly.  When you describe Jesus, you aren’t reciting facts or abstractions but enacting a vivid presentation of him.
What a privilege and responsibility to share good news in this way.  Check the book out and let me know what you think.
Preaching From the Heart…

Gone For Good…


I had the chance during this holiday break to continue through Harlan Coben’s books with Gone For Good.
For whatever reason, Coben chose to take a several-year-hiatus from his Myron Bolitar series.  This novel is a stand-alone story about a man who struggles with his brother being accused of murder and then mysteriously running away from it all.  He (and his family) are left with so many unanswered questions.  And just when he thinks he has finally found closure, he discovers the picture…
Here is how I rank all of his books thus far…
  1. Fade Away (1996):  The New Jersey Dragons and Unrealized Dreams
  2. One False Move (1998):  The New York Dolphins and Old Mentors
  3. Back Spin (1997):  The PGA US Open and Mysterious Kidnappings
  4. Gone for Good (2002):  Covenant House and Childhood Bullies
  5. The Final Detail (1999):  The New York Yankees and Failed Drug Tests
  6. Darkest Fear (2000):  Paternity Suits and Plagiarism
  7. Drop Shot (1996):  The ATP US Open and Gang Violence
  8. Deal Breaker (1995):  The New York Titans and Magazine Advertisements
  9. Play Dead (1990):  The Boston Celtics and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef
  10. Miracle Cure (1991):  The New York Knicks and HIV
I plan to read Tell No One at some point next month.  Anyone read it already?  If so, what did you think?
Gone For Good…