The Chimes…

As I have shared on numerous occasions, I really enjoy my Audible account (for one, it motivates me to visit the dreaded gym).  One of the many perks behind subscribing to Amazon’s audio book company is that they often give away a free holiday download… this year’s installment being Charles Dickens’ The Chimes (the Kindle version currently free on Amazon at the time of this writing).  

In the “spirit” of A Christmas Carol (this book written just one year later after that one), the protagonist is also visited by ghosts who aim to set his heart right.  Toby “Trotty” Veck has grown a bit entitled and bitter in the midst of his poverty.  He blames others for his current hardship rather than choose to look into the mirror.  

My favorite quote from the book is captured on Instagram.  

The New Year is a perfect time for new habits.  We should take a step back and take inventory not only of our lifestyle but of our heart as a whole.  However, we must also recognize that our hope is not in a calendar but in Christ.  Only his “Spirit” can transform us from the inside out. 

Pick up a copy and let me know what you think. 

The Chimes…

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