Preaching From the Heart…

I recently read (and would highly recommend Timothy Keller’s Preaching: Communicating Faith in an Age of Skepticism.  This book is yet another reason that Keller one of my favorite all-time authors.

My favorite chapter dealt with preaching from the heart…

  • You preach powerfully.  You will have poise and confidence, striking a note of authority without swagger, without any indication that you enjoy authority for its own sake.
  • You preach wondrously.  There will be unmistakable awe and wonder at the greatness of the One you point people to.
  • You preach affectionately.  You exhibit an unself-conscious transparency devoid of artifice.
  • You preach authentically.  One paradox of preaching from the heart is that it bypasses all of the counterfeit mannerisms and emotional affections that preachers have learned to adopt and that listeners have come to expect.
  • You preach Christ-adoringly.  When you describe Jesus, you aren’t reciting facts or abstractions but enacting a vivid presentation of him.
What a privilege and responsibility to share good news in this way.  Check the book out and let me know what you think.
Preaching From the Heart…

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