As part of a book club with friends, I recently finished Perry Noble’s Overwhelmed:  Winning the War Against Worry.

My favorite quote was when the author suggested, “Other times we buy into the idea He is an “only when” God.  We think that maybe He will move and do certain things to rescue us out of the tough spot we’re in, but only when we figure out the proper formula.  This often leads us to try to be more religious in an effort to get God to see how hard we’re trying, thinking He’ll be moved by our incredible works of righteousness and eventually decide to rescue us.  And then if that doesn’t happen, we become discouraged, confused, and even bitter toward God because we think He wasn’t pleased with our performance” (21).

Noble goes on to identify warning signs that you are heading for a crash.

  1. Unrealistic pace.  We’ll never escape the black hole of being busy if we allow everyone else’s demands to determine our schedules.
  2. Unrealistic expectations of others.  Come to a point where we ask the Lord to change us and our attitude rather than ask Him to change all the people around us.
  3. Unrealistic view on life.  The path toward healing takes time.
  4. Unrealistic desire to be liked by everyone.  We need to make sure we are seeking God’s approval, not the approval of people we may not even recall ten years from now.
I recommend that you pick up this book.  Let me know what you think.



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