Walt Disney…

After well over a month of regular listening, I finally finished Neal Gabler’s mammoth-912 page biography titled Walt Disney:  The Triumph of the American Imagination.  I would highly recommend this book for a summer read.

I have been known, at times, to be a critic of both Disney and Pixar.  Believe it or not, this biography helped me to hold out hope.  More often than not, reading books about legendary figures tend to taint (even tarnish) our images and understanding of supposed icons.  However, in this case, this work reveals (or at least reiterates) that disappointments and droughts are nothing new to the business that Mickey built.  Disney has reinvented itself on more than one occasion and they will more than likely do it again.  The author humanizes Disney without demeaning him.

I should warn those who have bought into the Disney Magic – this book is not all pixie dust and princesses, but there is nothing in this book that will keep you from wishing upon a star….

Check it out and let me know what you think.


Walt Disney…

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