Leadership Pain…


Adversity is the diamond dust Heaven polishes its jewels with.
– Thomas Carlyle

As part of a book club that I am in, I recently read Samuel R. Chand’s Leadership Pain:  The Classroom For Growth.  My favorite chapter tackled the topic of “Root Cause Analysis”.

The author suggests that “… the results of failing to identify root causes don’t lead to crashes and deaths, but they often produce a myriad of soul-killing consequences [such as]:

  • They feel confused
  • They feel disillusioned
  • The lack of resources frustrates them
  • Their families are imploding
  • They’re chronically tired
  • They’re lonely
  • Their minds and hearts drift
Chand goes on to propose, “Not all pain is personal.   Sometimes the pain is the direct result of the organization’s stage of development.
  • The entrepreneurial stage:  They may have to invest more time, money, people, and their reputations than ever before.
  • The emerging stage:  Leaders may feel great about the direction in which the organization is headed, but they have little to show for it.
  • The established stage:  They face intransigent reluctance to change.
  • The erosion stage:  Until the leaders dig deeper and ask some hard questions, they can’t figure it out.
  • The enterprising stage:  To stay in touch with the people they must stay sharp and continually reinvent the product and their services.

Pick up a copy of the book and let me know what you think.

Leadership Pain…

ReCalibrate Your Church…

The Northwest Ministry Network was generous enough to recently send each of their ministers a copy of Troy H. Jone’s ReCalibrate Your Church:  How Your Church Can Reach Its Full Kingdom Impact.  Regardless of your experience, role, life-stage, or location as a leader – pick up a copy of this book!

My favorite chapter was titled “The Flashing Red Light on Your Dashboard”.  Jones asks, “Would your community care, or even notice, if the church shut down today?”  He goes on to suggest, “Deceptively healthy churches measure church health by bodies, budgets, and buildings, and not by spiritual transformation” (Kindle, 570).

The time to recalibrate your church has arrived if you see…

  1. Erosion of leadership confidence
    • Age (worry about relevance)
    • Team collaboration (too much talk)
    • Failed attempts (weakened faith)
    • Emerging leaders (comparison)
    • Ministry mistresses (pursuit of prominence)
  2. The feeling that your “best days” are behind you
  3. Ingrown culture
  4. Cultural and ministry misalignment
  5. Plateaued or declining numbers due to one of the following factors)…
    • Difficult decisions
    • Natural seasons
    • New church plants
    • Lack of community growth
  6. A lack of discipleship
  7. The diminishing noise of children

The author asks that we “…take some time to walk through the seven red lights.  In your own words, define each red light.  Perhaps add a few more that you may think about in your own cultural setting” (Kindle, 776).

For more information and resources, check out the ReCalibrate Network website.

ReCalibrate Your Church…