Finding Pixar…

I have shared on numerous occasions how much I love what Pixar was (and I still believe they could become again).  No one uses technology better in telling a story.  Disney’s acquisition could very well had brought even more resources and talent to the equation.  However, as I feared from the beginning, the merger has only helped Disney and hurt Pixar.  One animated studio has utilized the technology while the other has lost so much of the story.  Nothing reveals this truth more than Pixar’s insistence on putting out sequels (at least Disney sends there works straight to Blu-Ray).  Including this year’s release of Finding Dory, four of their next five slated films are be sequels.  Unexplainable and inexcusable.  Good is not great.  Pixar is not Dreamworks.  
That being said, here are my rankings to date…

17)  The Good Dinosaur (2015):  The comet should not have missed in the beginning.
16)  Cars 2 (2011): Another opportunity to sell plastic Hot Wheels.
15)  Brave (2012): Missed the mark.
14)  Wall-E (2008):  If only propaganda was bad for the environment, too.  
13)  A Bug’s Life (2001):  Sophomore slump.  
12)  Ratatouille (2007):  Another reason to dislike the French?

11) Monsters University (2013):  No Boo.  No magic.  

10) Finding Dory (2016):  We’ve been here before.  But worth the return.  
9)  Inside Out (2015):  The best cast since Toy Story.  

8)  Toy Story 2 (2002):  The best an animated sequel can do… that was until the third installment.
7)  The Incredibles (2005): Unique and underrated.
6)  Cars (2006): Where are the people?
5)  Up (2009): The first twenty minutes makes me cry every single time.
4)  Toy Story 3 (2010): A fitting end to a wonderful story… until the fourth movie is released in 2018.
3)  Finding Nemo (2004): The underwater detail and light… wow.
2)  Monsters, Inc. (2003): I can’t explain why I love this movie so much. But I do.
1)  Toy Story (2000): Nothing will probably ever beat the original.

Where do you agree or disagree?  
Finding Pixar…

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