Death Do Us Part…

I had the chance this past week to continue through Harlan Coben’s books with Death Do Us Part (a collection of short stories edited by the author).
Here is how I rank all of his books thus far…
  1. Tell No One (2001):  Emails and the Inner-City
  2. Fade Away (1996):  The New Jersey Dragons and Unrealized Dreams
  3. No Second Chance (2003):  Shattered Windows and the Serbian Underground
  4. Just One Look (2004):  Family Photos and Big Hair Bands
  5. Promise Me (2006):  Transcripts and Teachers
  6. One False Move (1998):  The New York Dolphins and Old Mentors
  7. The Innocent (2005):  Self-Defense and Camera Phones
  8. Back Spin (1997):  The PGA US Open and Mysterious Kidnappings
  9. Death Do Us Part (2006):  Vows and Vengeance
  10. Gone for Good (2002):  Covenant House and Childhood Bullies
  11. The Final Detail (1999):  The New York Yankees and Failed Drug Tests
  12. Darkest Fear (2000):  Paternity Suits and Plagiarism
  13. Drop Shot (1996):  The ATP US Open and Gang Violence
  14. Deal Breaker (1995):  The New York Titans and Magazine Advertisements
  15. Play Dead (1990):  The Boston Celtics and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef
  16. Miracle Cure (1991):  The New York Knicks and HIV

I look forward to reading The Woods at some point over the summer months – another stand-alone story.  Anyone read it already?  If so, what did you think?

Death Do Us Part…

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