Loose Balls…

I recently listened to Terry Pluto’s Loose Balls: The Short, Wild Life of the American Basketball Association (and would recommend the book).  Honestly, the book unexpectedly stretched me a bit.  I pride myself on being a sports traditionalist – hence my love for professional baseball and college football.  I am rarely (if ever) a fan of rule changes.  Many of the latest alterations by both the NFL and the NBA been done in the name of higher scoring (and thus, they claim, a more entertaining game).  I don’t necessarily agree with that premise.

That being said, this book shows how the ABA did greatly impact the modern-day NBA.  With the merger came the three-pointer, the slam dunk competition, and underclassmen draft-picks.  I find it hard to argue the NBA isn’t a better place because of these additions.

My only complaints of the book would be the first couple of chapters were a bit repetitious while the author spent far too much time and attention on financial dealings of the league instead of the personalities.  Check out the book and let me know what you think….

Loose Balls…

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