The State of Missiology Today…


I recently read (and would highly recommend) Charles Van Engen’s The State of Missiology Today:  Global Innovations in Christian Witness.  I was fortunate enough to receive a complimentary copy directly from the publisher.

The author (and his fellow collaborators) suggest that there are eight mission trends to guide us into the future…

  1. Technology:  Computer and satellite technologies will be more and more significant.
  2. Insider movements:  Those who follow Jesus of Scripture within their religious communities of origin.
  3. Preemptive peacemakers:  Displaced people are in need of the love of Christ and the creative and loving presence of Christians.
  4. Scripture:  Christian growth and development simply require access to the Bible in a local language with increasing cross-cultural Christian contacts.
  5. Migration and displacement:  In our globalized world poor immigrants are being received by nations far away.
  6. Holy Spirit:  Christian mission will be guided and empowered more by unmediated means and less by what is mediated by human effort.
  7. Poverty and promise:  Christian development work requires partnership, prayer, reflection, and long-term commitment to communities.
  8. Mission from the South and the East:  Mission will be from many centers and from the margins.

Pick up a copy and let me know what you think.

The State of Missiology Today…

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