Coben is Found…

I recently had the chance to continue through Harlan Coben’s works with Found (the third installment in his Micky Bolitar series).  This young adult novel was not one of my favorites.  Unlike most of his books, this one felt a bit rushed (as if he had to wrap up the series rather than plan to conclude it).  I wonder if he is done with the genre altogether?
With that in mind, here is how I rank his works thus far….
  1. Caught (2011):  Alcohol and Unforgiveness
  2. The Woods (2007):  Camp and the KGB 
  3. Tell No One (2001):  Emails and the Inner-City
  4. Fade Away (1996):  The New Jersey Dragons and Unrealized Dreams
  5. Six Years (2013):  University Professors and Fresh Starts
  6. Live Wire (2011):  Ultrasounds and Lip-Synching
  7. No Second Chance (2003):  Shattered Windows and the Serbian Underground
  8. Just One Look (2004):  Family Photos and Big Hair Bands
  9. Promise Me (2006):  Transcripts and Teachers
  10. One False Move (1998):  The New York Dolphins and Old Mentors
  11. Hold Tight (2008):  Parental Controls and Prescription Drugs
  12. The Innocent (2005):  Self-Defense and Camera Phones
  13. Back Spin (1997):  The PGA US Open and Mysterious Kidnappings
  14. Seconds Away (2013):  Varsity Try-Outs and Movie Extras
  15. Long Lost (2009):  CNN Anchors and Stem Cell Research
  16. Shelter (2011):  Butterflies and Concentration Camps
  17. Stay Close (2012):  Suburbia and Secrets
  18. Death Do Us Part (2006):  Vows and Vengeance
  19. Missing You (2014):  Online Dating Sites and Taverns
  20. Gone for Good (2002):  Covenant House and Childhood Bullies
  21. Found (2014):  Steroids and Social Media
  22. The Final Detail (1999):  The New York Yankees and Failed Drug Tests
  23. Darkest Fear (2000):  Paternity Suits and Plagiarism
  24. Drop Shot (1996):  The ATP US Open and Gang Violence
  25. Deal Breaker (1995):  The New York Titans and Magazine Advertisements
  26. Play Dead (1990):  The Boston Celtics and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef
  27. Miracle Cure (1991):  The New York Knicks and HIV
After a year-and-a-half, I am finally catching up on his books.  I plan to next read Coben’s stand-alone story titled The Stranger.  Anyone read it yet?  If so, what did you think?
Coben is Found…

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