I’ve done my best to throughly document my love-hate relationship with Disney movies.  I have to say that Disney is growing on me once again since the merger between the animation studios.  This film is colorful and creative.  Honestly, Moana is probably to Paradise what Lillo and Stitch never was able to be.  That being said, why are father figures always restricted by tradition in these movies while children are so quick to go on an adventure?  Just a pet peeve of mine.  Elders should be honored (and learned from).

With all that considered, here are my favorites…

10. Moana.  The Rock surprises.
9. Tangled.  Disney is learning from Pixar – hopefully Pixar learns from Pixar.
8. Frozen.  Comedy. Surprises. Maybe a few too many songs.  But quality.
7. Aladdin.  Robin Williams.  Enough said.
6. Bambi.  I can’t believe they killed his mother.
5. Beauty and the Beast.  A revival – though short-lived.
4. The Fox and the Hound.  I don’t think Walt liked killing animals.
3. Little Mermaid.  The ending scared me a bit.  Not going to lie.
2. The Jungle Book.  A story of a man-cub.
1. The Lion King.  Wow.

What makes your list?


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