Your Next 24 Hours…

I recently received a complimentary copy of Hal Donaldson and Kirk Noonan’s Your Next 24 Hours: One Day of Kindness Can Change Everything directly from the publisher.  My favorite chapter was titled “It’s Not Expensive.”  The authors suggest, “Giving hope and encouragement to people is not expensive, but neither is it free” (46).

They go on to list six principles to help guide our giving decisions…

  1. Generosity is sharing
  2. Generosity requires making room
  3. Generosity maintains a meaningful existence
  4. Generosity multiplies itself
  5. Generosity requires responsibility
  6. Generosity is impulsive (48)

Each chapter concludes with creative and compassion ways to respond to the stories that were just shared.  Pick up a copy and let me know what you think.


Your Next 24 Hours…

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